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safes fireproof cabinets

Who do you believe when the stake is
the secure storage of your valuables?
Are you believed in the manufacturer or dealer?
They are interested in only the sales!
You can believe in certification which issued by the leading European testing authorities!

These records are certified inside the safe door, it is shown by a table. (See it on the bottom of the page!)   

1.     In first step you have to decide if you need safe or fireproof cabinet. To store valuables in a suitable safe is a very important issue. Safes are for storing safely, protecting from burglary and theft. Fireproof cabinets protect documents and data from fire. Some safes available with fire protection, and fire cabinets with burglary protection.
2.     If you make decision, please click on “Safes” or “Fireproof cabinets” at the top of the page. You can check the full range on the reached page (to see feathures of the product, please click on the name of product), or you can select by using scrolling zone of filtaration based on parameters OR filtartaion based on price category.
3.     After primary filtration  you can collect all the choosen product by using compare option. Selected product will be shown on the top of the page at right part.
4.     By using  button, the selected products will be put into a table which helps you to see clearly the prefect safe or fireproof cabinet what you need.
Sizes in the table shown by height x width x depth. All of our products has European and MABISZ certification too. PRICES ARE VALID WITHOUT SHIPPING, TAKEN OFF FROM OUR WAREHOUSE, BUDAPEST.

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